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Digoria Microwave

Digoria Microwave was founded in 2001 as sole proprietorship in Ontario, Canada. The business was registered in the Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) municipality and provided consulting services on RF/microwave field until 2004. The website then was designed as a presentation of business capabilities with most pages looking like flairs, though some technical notes and simple design tools were also published to get some Google ranking. Later, after the business ended, I still decided to keep it running in a format of web blog. Some more pages including application notes, design tools and manuals have been added but not properly sorted and structured.

Current Contents

The Design Studio is perhaps the most visited spot here according to the site statistics and responses from the users. There are some popular waveguide filter tools and calculators there. The most surfed and useful tools perhaps are:

1. WR-Connect, which is actually a powerful and fully functional CAD on rectangular waveguide structures.

2. The “Corrugated Low-pass Filter Design Workshop”, which is an older version applicable only to conventional waveguide corrugated filters.

3. Some useful technical notes, papers, manuals and “virtual” design examples are also scripted here.

4. Very old stuff with some thoughts, views, concepts, etc. are also left from old time unsorted, which is still possibly represents an interest. Those pages are removed from navigation bars but still accessible through the Site Map.

Reconstruction, Upgrades and Problems

Since the website have not been upgraded for at least decade, but during this time, Internet technologies, on the contrary, have swelled to incredible limits. From the author’s point of view (as an engineer), those developments are mostly no value added or even deleterious. Those developments has brought more complexity in realization of the internet projects with computational tools. The both, client and server, sides scripting has very limited possibilities and their realization is very difficult for someone who is not a programmer. Since the tools presented here are based on client side scripting with VBScript, they can be currently run on the Internet Explorer 11 (or lower version). The Internet Explorer (do not confuse with Edge) is the only browser left, which still runs VBScript. The number of IE users, however have been significantly reduced, so the WR-Connect and other tools became inaccessible for the most of users. Migrating those tools onto some other, more universal, platforms is not a simple task. This is, however, what is currently being done here.

Hot News
New version of WR_Connect is almost ready. New feature included: Agressive Space Mapping.
Old version of WR_Connect will be retired soon. The old version is currently supported by MS Internet Explorer only. Users are adviced to start migrating to new WR-Connect v 2. It is simple. 1)In old WR-Connect go to "File Import/Export" page. 2) Click button "Go to WR-Connect 2020". The new version project file will be created. 3) Transfer the project file code into File page of new version. 4) Test how it works and save it using "Export Project" menu option there.