Technical Notes and Procedures

Mismatch Spurious Calculator
Simple tool to evaluate amplitude of spurious responses of filter assemblies caused by out-of-band mismatch.
Corrugated Waveguide Filter Design Page
Freeware design tool. Follow steps and design a harmonic (low-pass) corrugated filter online.
Stub Planar Structures Simulator
Freeware design tool. Simulates frequency response for planar (micro-strip, strip-line) structures online.
Waffle-Iron Filter, Spurious Analysis
Freeware design tool. Simulates potential spurious spikes or pass-bands caused by high order waveguide modes.
Waffle-Iron Harmonic (Low-Pass) Filters.
Why they are so bad.
Technical note explaining nature of spurious responses of waffle-iron filters.
Semi-Numerical Computational Approach
Summary of "fast" semi-numerical and semi-analytical computational method perfect to simulate performance of "practical" filter structures based on metal posts, irises, ridges in different mediums.
Conventional H-plane Iris Filter Design Procedure
Quite standard and old approach how to design an H-plane iris filter without software.
Simple Procedure to Design a Filter with Direct-Coupled Resonators
A generalized version of the previous approach applicable to any kind of direct-coupled filter. A simulator is required here. Following this approach you can build a filter from any kind of junctions like a house from bricks.
Simple Procedure to Design a Filter with Quarter-Wave-Coupled Resonators
Similar procedure is applied to quarter-wave-coupled filters. It is a little more sophisticated, but it gives some advantages.
Harmonic Rejection Test Procedure
A simple multi-moded procedure to test harmonic filters.

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