Design Data Import/Export
HFSS Macro / AutoCAD script

This page cannot access files located on your computer. Follow the instructions to Import/Export files.

To Import Design

1. Upload your design file into NotePad or any other text editor.
2. Copy design data to Clipboard (right mouse button click, Select All, Copy).
3. Paste design data to the left window (Design Data Export/Import).
4. Click button [Import to Bufer].
To Export Design

1. Copy design data from the left window (Design Data Export/Import) to Clipboard.
3. Paste design data to NotePad or any other text editor.
4. Save the data on your computer.

To Export AutoCAD/HFSS scripts

1. Create AutoCAD/HFSS script by clicking appropriate button.
2. Export it to your computer with extention *.scr (AutoCAD) or *.mac (HFSS).
3. Load script by appropriate program option of AutoCAD (Tools/Run Script) or HFSS (Draw/File/Macros/Export).

Do not import AutoCAD/HFSS scripts into this page