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WR-Connect v. 2020, Online Waveguide CAD

(Rectangular waveguide filters and structures)

Import Project / Export Project
WR-Connect Online Rectangular Waveguide Structure Simulator
WR-Connect: Plot s-parameters from data file
WR-Connect: Software help, instructions, tutorials and application notes
WR-Connect: Simple waveguide filter design tutorial
WR-Connect: How to use Design Editor
WR-Connect: Initial settings
Import Project / Export Project
H-plane iris filter design, rectangular resonator modes and Q-factor
WR-Connect: Software help, instructions, tutorials and application notes
Project Setup
S-parameters Data Import/Export

Corrugated Waveguide Low-Pass Filter Workshop

WR-Connect: Plot s-parameters from data file
Corrugated Filter Design Workshop/Design Manual
Corrugated Filter Design Workshop
Corrugated waveguide low-pass workshop. Latest updates.
Corrugated waveguide low-pass filter. Calculator of spurious pass-bands caused by high order modes.
Corrugated Waveguide Low-Pass Filter Synthesis
Corrugated Filter Simulator. Enter dimensions and frequency sweep.
Corrugated Filter RF Performance Optimizer.
Corrugated Filter Sensitivity Analysis.
Corrugated Filter Structure Design Import/Export Files.
Corrugated Quarter-Wave-Coupled Filter
Brief History of Corrugated Filters
S-parameters Data Import/Export
Corrugated Filter with Quarter-Wave Coupled Resonators. MathCAD design procedure

Technical Notes, Calculators, Procedures

Simple Procedure to Design a Filter with Direct Coupled Resonators
Composite Filter CAD Procedure based on Variational Approximations
H-plane waveguide filter design procedure
RF/microwave Application notes and simple evaluation tools
A Simple Over-Moded Rejection Test Procedure for Waveguide Harmonic Filters
Waffle Iron Harmonic Waveguide Filter, Analysis of Spurious
Simple Procedure to Design a Filter with Quarter-Wave-Coupled Resonators
Resonant Iris Filters. Performance Review.
RF Mismatch Ripple and Spurious Spikes Calculator
Waffle-Iron Harmonic (Low-Pass) Filters

Online Planar Structure Simulator

S-Parameters Plotter
Planar Structure Simulator
Rules for the Planar Structures Simulator

Unsorted Documents

Corrugated Waveguide Low-Pass Filter Design Guidelines
Dual Frequency Stacked Patch Antenna
Conventional Harmonic Corrugated Filter
Corrugated waveguide filter having coupled resonator cavities
Ceramic Filters and Diplexers
E-plane waveguide filter based on quarter wave coupled H-stubs
RF/Microwave Filters Models
LTCC Filters
Microstrip Filters
Stepped-impedance corrugated waveguide filter
OMT Transmit Reject Filter
Coaxial Ridged Evanescent-Mode Filters
Stripline & Microstrip Line Composite Filters
Transmit Reject Filter
Harmonic Filters. Introduction to the Problem
Ridged Evanescent-Mode Harmonic Filters
WR-Connect: Export WR-Connect design to Ansys HFSS
Composite Filter CAD Procedure based on Variational Approximations

WR-Connect v. 2000, Online Waveguide CAD

Warning: Software runs on MS Internet Explorer only! Try 2020 version.

About WR-Connect online RF/microwave filter simulator.
How to Design H-plane Iris Filter Using WR-Connect
Examples of waveguide filters designed using WR-Connect.
S-parameter vs frequency plotter online
WR-Connect (Old version) Home Page.
WR-Connect: Description of controls, menus and design methods.
Entering Design Parameters and Dimensions
Using Optimization to Improve RF Performance
Software Accuracy and Applicability
WR_Connect Project Setup
Representable Waveguide Structures